Major update of WordPress SEO (1.5)

11 March, 2014 by Joost de Valk – 301 Comments

Today we’re releasing what’s probably the single biggest update to our WordPress SEO plugin since its initial release. It improves speed, fixes a ton of bugs and edge cases and adds a new bulk title & description editor. On top of that we’ve changed several default settings and added some smaller new features. This post addresses all of it, so keep on reading.

Rewrite of option and post metadata handling

Every post in WordPress has metadata, and our WordPress SEO plugin adds more metadata to that: from indexation settings, to meta descriptions and titles. We used to store those in a manner that was not as efficient as we wanted it to be, so Juliette, who became a committer in WordPress SEO a few months ago, rewrote the entire logic. This fixes a ton of the bugs we’d encountered over the years but also, and more importantly, makes us use the database a whole lot less.

Speed improvements

Along with these rewrites to how we save the plugins options and post metadata, we implemented a new class loader. This class loader make code load only when it’s needed, leading to a far smaller memory footprint and a lot faster performance on both frontend and backend.

We also rewrote several of the queries used for the XML sitemap generation, leading to a 70% decrease in the number of queries used to generate the index sitemap, making that a lot faster too.

Pippin, from EasyDigitalDownloads, has been running the 1.5 beta on for a while already, when he flipped, this is what the performance graph looked like:


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