How to Use the Google Analytics Event Tracking Report

by Anna Lewis,June 17, 2014Comments

The majority of reports in Google Analytics are made up of data that is automatically collected with the basic Google Analytics code on your website.

There are a few areas where you can add additional information into Google Analytics on top of this to get data specific to your website and events is one of them. Its called Events because it is most often used to measure actions (aka, events) happening on your website.

From clicks on a button, to form submissions, video interaction, or scrolling to the bottom of the page, Event Tracking can be used for all manner of activity measurement on your website.

This post will be limited to the Events report. For advice setting up Event Tracking, and some ideas of how to use it check out this Event Tracking blog post.

One handy tip when setting up Event Tracking is to use the Real-Time report for Event Tracking to check that the code is working as you implement it. Once you have your Event Tracking code in place on the activities that you want to track on your website, you will need to head over to the Behavior > Events > Overview report in Google Analytics to start getting familiar with the data you can now analyze.

The Overview contains the summary of the Top Events data, which can be handy to keep an eye on but you may prefer to head straight to the Top Events Report instead as this is where all the details are and you can drill down with ease to analyze the information you’re looking for.

Events have two pieces of compulsory information, Category and Action, as well as the optional Label and Value fields.

The Top Events report starts on the Events Category report as this is where you place the generic information about your event in order to group the data together. For example, all data about your video tracking may be here as Video, alongside your form interaction information which you may have called Forms.

From Category, you can click either the link above the table to see the data by Action or Label, you can filter the information to find what you’re looking for using the search box or you can click one of the links in the results to see the detail about that particular event.

In each report you will see the following data:


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