PayPal executive’s social media fiasco

8 PayPal_Logo

In yet another social media conundrum, PayPal’s director of global strategy, Rakesh Agrawal has left the company following a series of insulting tweets directed at his colleagues.

Agrawal, who first joined PayPal in March, posted the insulting tweets last Friday. The next day, PayPal said Agrawal was “no longer with the company” in a tweet.

However, Agrawal has responded since with this:

According to Mashable, in his series of tweets, Agrawal also called PayPal’s vice president of global communications, Christina Smedley, a “useless middle manager”.

Agrawal later explained that the tweets were for a colleague and he was using a new phone.

Other high profile social media fiasco by executives include wealth fund firm CrossInvest Asia letting go of British expat Anton Casey for his racist remarks on Facebook and NTUC Membership firing assistant director Amy Cheong over racist remarks on Malay weddings on Facebook.


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