Javascript library won’t load in Windows 8, but loads fine in Windows 7 Pro and Windows Phone 7. Why?

Windows 8 won’t allow javascript libraries to load for Google Cloud App Engine as follows (Works fine on Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 Pro desktop) Why Microsoft? Spent 6 days to find out it’s Windows 8 only.  Is there a new requirement in Windows 8 for
loading javascript libraries or something????   In the below code, execution in the index.html file won’t get past "Line 3:" below.  Why?

  // This method loads the deviceinfoendpoint and messageEndpoint libraries
Line 1:  function loadGapi() {
Line 2:    showInfo("loadGapi");
Line 3:    gapi.client.load(‘deviceinfoendpoint’, ‘v1’, function() {
Line 4:                             updateRegisteredDeviceTable();
Line 5:    });
Line 6:
Line 7:    gapi.client.load(‘messageEndpoint’, ‘v1’, function() {});
Line 8:  }



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