IE9 – Message Bar to download file appears on Parent Window; not current

One of the features of my Web App is that it prints reports. These reports require a pop-up window allowing the user to refine the parameters of the report. This cannot change.

Pre-IE9, when the user clicked my "Preview" button on the pop-up window, they would get a dialog like this once the report rendered:

This is easy and intuitive to my clients.


However, after upgrading to IE9, the Message Bar (Information Bar/Download Bar) whatever it’s called, shows in the PARENT window of the pop-up:


In order to download or open the report, the user is now required to close the pop-up window and then select the appropriate action on the Download Bar.


This is a pretty frustrating work-around.


I’ve looked for ways on the net to either show the the Download Bar on the pop-up window (preferred), revert to the old dialog, or remove it all together.


No solutions yet. If anyone has any IE solutions/work-arounds, please post them.


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