Deal of the week: Glober font family

thumbnailIt is a fact almost universally acknowledged, that 99% of fonts are unusable for 99% of projects. So when you find one of those magic 1% that fit almost everywhere, you grab it with both hands!

That’s the case with the Glober type family, and happily our sister-site,, has arranged an awesome deal on it.

Glober, is a grotesque sans-serif, with a warm and friendly personality. The generous counters and the rounded terminals dispel any sense of harshness, and replace the ordered and uptight feeling many sans-serifs give off with a sense of openness and flexibility.

There are nine weights, each with a matching italic font, and it’s the heavier weights that really exude the personality, whilst the lighter weights are ideal for body text.

Glober is a typeface you’ll return to again and again. It’s so flexible you can use it for anything, from an annual report for a corporate client, to an advert for a tech firm, even a brand face for a textiles company; the possibilities are endless.

Deal of the week: Glober font family

Deal of the week: Glober font family

The regular retail price of the Glober Font Family is $190 for the desktop version, but for a limited time you can get all 18 fonts for just $19; or, purchase the desktop and webfont versions for just $28 instead of the regular price of $285; that’s a fantastic 90% discount. Head over to today to take advantage of this offer while you can.

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Deal of the week: Glober font family



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