20 Useful Docs and Guides for Front-End Developers

I come across so many interesting info-apps and documents in my daily research, so I thought I’d provide a list of those here.

True, not everyone likes the “list post” or roundup, but hey, we can’t please everyone. And we don’t do these types of posts too often anyhow.

In this case, this is a great way to bookmark a few things maybe for some evening or weekend reading. I guarantee you’ll find at least a few links in here that you’ll want to come back to.


1. CSS Vocabulary

A great point-and-click little app to get you up to speed with all the different parts of CSS syntax and what the proper name for them is.

CSS Vocabulary

2. Liquidapsive

A very simple informational layout that, by means of a select box, lets you choose between Responsive, Adaptive, Liquid, and Static, so you can see what is the difference between the four layout types.


I imagine this would be nice even to show to clients, so they can see how things adjust using the different styles.

3. Superhero.js

A collection of the best articles, videos, and presentations on helping to maintain a large JavaScript code base.


Included are some general principle-type stuff, sources on testing, tools, performance, security, and more.

4. HowToCoffeeScript.com

A cheat sheet for learning and remembering CoffeScript syntax.


5. The HTML Landscape

This is pretty interesting. It’s a W3C document that describes the “perceptible differences” between three HTML specifications: WHATWG, W3C’s HTML5.0, and W3C’s HTML5.1.

The HTML Landscape

Might be a little overly technical, but you might be able to find some interesting new stuff here.

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