.NET 3.5 Hosting in IE11/Windows 8.1

I have an application where I host a .NET 3.5 Windows Forms control in Internet explorer to provide access to a scanner. The control works fine in IE7 through IE10 and IE11, but it is not workingin IE11 on Windows 8.1 (desktop mode).

The PC in question has both .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 and .NET 4.0/4.5 installed and enabled, the site has been added to the trusted zone, CASPOL permissions have been set the same as they are on the PC’s running Win7 and EnableIEHosting has been set to 1 at both 32
and 64bit levels on the PC.

Debugging locally indicates that the problem lies in calling a web service method  which never seems to return and never seems to actually run either. All I am left with is a locked IE11 that has to be closed from task manager.

 I have diagnosed that it is actually the constructor of a Web service client that fails to return. It is a simple generated client class and as such
simply calls the base constructor ; unfortunately, it is failing within the call to the base class

As previously stated, this has worked without problem from IE7 through IE10 on Windows XP through Windows
8.0 and I am absolutely certain that the CASPOL configurations etc. have been set correctly.

I have added .config file reference to download dependencies, when I remove .config file reference everything works fine in my local environment.

<link rel="Configuration" href="https://<SERVER_PATH>/<FILENAME&gt;.config">

When this is hosted on BigIP (environment my clients have), application fails to download dependencies. 

Is anybody aware of any other problems or new configuration requirements when hosting .NET Windows Forms controls in IE11?


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