Web Design 101: Development Basics

This wee, in our third episode of Web Design 101, an in-depth case study on how to create a web site, Jose and Aure go over tools like CSS and WordPress that…


25 thoughts on “Web Design 101: Development Basics

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  2. A website has to be properly designed and professional-looking in order to
    be friendly to both the users and search engines. Only web developers can
    make this possible.

  3. Don’t cut your guest’s words. It does not only make the program
    incomprehensible.also shows that you do not respect his sayings.

  4. This is an amazing theme, I am 17 , and I m thinking to persuade a
    “creative technological career” as I call it x), but I really struggle with
    becoming a Developer , or a Desinger, I like the web, but I also love

  5. @LookUP277 so I m between a web developer and or desingner and a graphic
    designer >.<, I know a developer get paid more than a designer… but I
    find it boring all this coding, still I really like this cool lookig web
    sites… this video is a nice help, Graxias por subirlo y me gusto la forma
    como hablas x) pa lante mi hermano, una pregunta.. en k universidad
    estudisate y en k campo? web o dise;o grafico? 🙂 graxias!

  6. Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or
    setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart

  7. @LookUP277 De nada broder. You estudie at a design school in Pasadena
    California called Art Center College of Design. Artcenter dot edu. Estudie
    Graphic Design y Packaging pero focused on Digital. Una de mis teachers was
    Lynda Weiman de la fama de Lynda dot com. Check out that site, lots of
    great videos on learning software and coding.

  8. Thanks for tips, for a newbie it’s best to install WordPress and create a
    website, easiest way get your website online. Bur for a professional
    website one should hire a good company.

  9. Wow! It does not have to be that way. If you are not a developer don’t
    force yourself. I have been doing Web Design for 16 years and I have never
    coded. I have slapped WordPress around – but I always have someone to help
    me. Don’t do it alone!!

  10. Hay guys I am starting a degree in web design and development , so my
    question is what programs should I get. To start with

  11. @ThierryVanroy I don’t think that is a bad thing. I like looking at
    multiple content feeds on TweetDeck. I also like reading the news –
    Mashable, Techcrunch, Wall Street Journal – on my phone and reading my
    facebook and twitter feeds on Flipboard on my tablet. I look at sites on my
    laptop mainly for work. I think that “Web 3.0” is going to be all about
    VIDEO, Mobile and social. For me personally its about context and relevance.

  12. sublime text 2 is officialy the fastest dev tool ever watch the free tuts+
    premium course to master it its an exelent start line!

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  14. :S Installing a WordPress theme? It’s so damn easy. If you can’t work it
    out yourself, you shouldn’t be running a website.

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