Hangout – Breaking Into Web Development and Software Programming

A Google Plus hangout where Adam talks shop with web developers. The focus of this hangout is to offer tips and advice to beginners and newcomers to web desi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Hangout – Breaking Into Web Development and Software Programming

  1. Adam what do you think about using joomla and drupal for making sites? its
    really ez to get started with them and if you learn php u can customize
    them to your needs

  2. Go to a college for programming, instead of asking these questions.
    Programming does not require high level of math or physics. It would help
    you if you have these skills. GO TO A COLLEGE OR COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO GET

  3. 07:32 Why people have hard time answering simple questions? Obviously, this
    man had too much education or no common sense to answer a simple question
    as “What is your formal education?”

  4. HTML is ridiculously easy, CSS can get a bit tricky and it really takes
    time and dedication to learn. Basics of JS are simple, but later it becomes
    harder, however it’s worth it because it helps with jQuery. PHP is
    definitely my favorite language, because it can help a lot for learning
    C/C++. DB scripting is easy. Hope someone gets something out of my comment.

  5. Adam, can you please add me to your contacts as I was trying to send you a
    PM with a view to you passing on my email details to Diane from the UK (I’m
    a php developer/Android developer from the UK also) for networking purposes.

  6. Thanks Adam, I’ve become very complacent in he past two years, I really
    needed this to motivate me to learn new web technologies. Thank you so much
    and thanks to the other web developers on the Google + Hangout. I hope to
    see more in the future!

  7. Im from Kashmir India And a great fan. Have learnt a lot from your
    tutorials and sometimes have been saved by your tutorials from pulling my
    hair in most frustrating programming moments of mine …Thanks a lot …you
    are an inspiration Sir

  8. @ adam plz upload tutorial on Hangout give chance to the people to join
    Live Hangout If Possible for u … and if u r doing Live hang out plz post
    Links on your website so People can join U LIVE …. tutorial .. Thanks 😀

  9. Fireworks is easy to use. Not that is has anything that photoshop doesn’t.
    From my point of view. I have tried them both

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