CS75 (Summer 2012) Lecture 1 PHP Harvard Web Development David Malan

David Malan teaching CS75 lecture 1, PHP. http://www.cs75x.net/

In this new series, aimed at newcomers, I’m going to teach you, from scratch, how to work with the necessary technologies to build web pages.
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43 thoughts on “CS75 (Summer 2012) Lecture 1 PHP Harvard Web Development David Malan

  1. Great course. It’s definitely not necessary, but it would be nice to
    possibly have the lecture slides in a separate small window in one of the
    corners PIP style. Thanks for posting.

  2. watching this youtube and I’m shouting at the monitor, OMG WTF
    surely if you got in to Harvard you should know this stuf

    CS75 (Summer 2012) Lecture 1 PHP Harvard Web Development David Malan

  3. hi, does anyone have the same problem? i’ve just downloaded cs50 appliance.
    start the apache. but when i try to access localhost i get 403. it says
    “you dont have permissions to access / on this server” but when i try to
    acces localhost/~jharvard/ it is ok.

  4. hello. what would you think of code to input data into db table.
    foreach($animal as $key=>$value){ sql insert statement foreach($animal as
    $key=>$value){ sql insert statement } } do you think this would work? also
    what level would it be beginner, intermediate?

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  6. Server space is ever expanding. Pretty soon there will be so much that
    they’ll be giving it out free… oh wait. They already are! Look up PaaS
    and IaaS, and then look for some free ones. Cloud IDEs often give you a lot
    of flexibility on how you use the space they give you as well.

  7. Hey Jeff, for some reason the quality on this vid seems lower than usual.
    Tho its 720p, any ideas? Great idea for design course!

  8. I use Ubuntu. SciTe is as good or better than Notepad++, also JEdit and
    Kompozer, all free and powerful editors that understand the syntax of over
    60 languages or more. Is easy to double boot your drive and run Linux.
    Linux is perfect for those learning to code. Eric is a Python IDE that
    compiles and runs the code and understands html, css, javascript, c, ruby,
    Lisp, basic256, that i’ve tried so far.

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  10. You’re a year away from adulthood… YES, however if you really want to
    know what you’re doing, learn programming technique and design by making
    games or algorithms that generate pretty pictures. I suggest Python as a
    starting point since it can compile to javascript.

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