Why Video Marketing? – 5 Reasons you need to be using video

http://www.mark-egan.com – Why video marketing? Well if you want to get noticed by potential clients and build a connection with them, you would be crazy not…
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11 thoughts on “Why Video Marketing? – 5 Reasons you need to be using video

  1. Why video marketing should be part of your marketing strategy? Check out my
    latest video: Why Video Marketing? – 5 Reasons you need to be using video

  2. Hi Mark, I want to use video marketing in my business. Do I need to go in
    front of the camera or can I just do it with graphics etc? Do you recommend
    any particular camera?

  3. Hi Hallie, personally I prefer it when people show their faces, at least at
    the start of the video. It just makes it more personal. If you are camera
    shy, though, you could use screen capture software. If you have some slides
    in powerpoint or keynote, you can talk over them. The software records your
    voice and the screen and turns it into a video. Check out Screenflow for
    Macs and Camtasia for PCs. For cameras, Kodak Playtouch or iPhone if you
    are on a budget.

  4. I’m about to post a video about using natural available light. If you want
    to buy lighting the cheapest option is worklights from a hardware store.
    They can be a little unflattering. If you want to spend more get soft
    fluorescent lights(the ones with big square boxes that diffuse light). You
    could also get LED lights which have become much cheaper. I’ll put up a
    video on lighting soon. Thanks for the question.

  5. Hi Mark, I found this video very helpful. Would you say it is worth
    investing in lighting equipment and if so what would you recommend?

  6. Like your style of video mark. Definitely inspired me to use video
    marketing more. I know you’re meant to do it but its kinda scary putting
    your face out there for everyone to see!

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