Web Design Too Competitive?

http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about the idea of web design being too competitive for anyone to make a career.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a look at how to mock up a website design in Photoshop.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “Web Design Too Competitive?

  1. Everyone told me the exact same thing, don’t get into it blah blah blah.
    After I made the decision to commit and go full time as a freelancer I
    landed my first client a week and a half later and I’ve been none stop busy
    for the past four months working on projects. There’s more work than I can
    keep up with!! Haha

  2. In other words, embrace the grind. When I first started, I barely new
    anything. I was using the WYSIWYG editor in Dreamweaver. Today I customize
    WordPress themes, do some custom coding, and I’m a SEO guy. I’ve been
    interviewed by entrepreneur.com (see article at
    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228170), and I’ve been told by my leads that
    they called me because they were looking for some of the best web designers
    in Atlanta. Web design and development definitely is a skill that can’t be
    learned overnight.

    Great video, Mike!

  3. I think when people say this, a lot of time they are referring to websites
    that make “free websites” for businesses, or being able to hire
    designers/programmers in other countries for much much less. How do you
    reply to those talking about those situations?

  4. How do you deal with creativity blocks? Many times I don’t feel I’m good
    enough, especially when I look at people who are more experienced than I

  5. You know you’re a true subscriber of Mike Locke when you already know what
    the “dip” is from one of his previous videos.

  6. I love watching your videos when I’m awake at 3 am on the computer
    practicing so that I can improve my skill set. You really have a way with
    how you put things out there that keeps me motivated. Thanks for doing
    I was wondering if you could give me your opinion about something: I find
    that I am more drawn to the development side of making websites. I don’t
    really enjoy the design part of it nearly as much – mostly because I don’t
    feel like I’m very good at it. But I really like to write code. I love to
    just find websites that I think are cool, and without looking at the source
    code, I attempt to recreate the page. This is advice that I took from you,
    btw. Anyways, I have been thinking that it might be cool to hook up with a
    designer of websites, and try to begin my career like that. One person to
    design the site, and the other (me in particular) to write the code for it.
    Do you think that that is a plausible scenario? And if so, where would be
    the best place to get together with someone who likes to design sites?
    Sorry this became so long. And thanks again for your vids. Theyre the

  7. Legendary Mentor drops Legendary Knowlegde on how to succeed. Very true
    Mike, people from my college fell off because they hated the coding part of
    it or mocking sites up.

  8. Hey Mike, I’m having a hard time figuring this out….

    You speak of the dip which separates those who have the idea and those who
    achieve success off of that idea… I get that part… but what I’m having
    problems with is figuring out the right way to market myself.

    Basically is it more beneficial to market yourself as “Mike Locke” a web
    designer (among other things) or to market yourself as a generic brand
    name, ex. “Locked in Web Design” (just made that up for conversation

    A brand name vs. using just your regular name?


  9. When are you uploading next?? Just watched your vlogs and there great!!
    I have just stepped into the Web devolpment and your vlog on “the dip” was
    excellent!! Any tips on where to look for an “aprenticeship” in this area
    or is it normal for web developers to take on a Jr.dev? I have the drive
    just need the guidence =)

  10. OMG, in 20 minutes i will have my first web design meeting to work in a
    project. I am so nervous :(. But watching this make me ease a little. Thank

  11. I think your view on this is dead on, I faced some challenges too when I
    decided to change careers. But each day becomes more rewarding. There is
    enough for everyone, everyone who is dedicated.

  12. Mike, I enjoyed the video, but I don’t feel like it really answered the
    question. You basically said that not everyone who tries web design will
    stick with it and succeed at it. But how does that help if there’s already
    a lot of people who have stuck with it and gotten good at it, hence the
    markets become saturated?

  13. yea now explain your self how to put it or how can i put it runing as a
    website. you show us how to do it on photoshop but how can we put it to
    work as a website?

  14. any know if its a good idea to use wix to get a good idea of how you want
    your website to look like? wordpress isn’t really good for a realy website
    but what about wix to design then code it?

  15. Setting up a website,but not optimizing it for the big three Search Engines
    is equivalent to not having a site at all!Individuals need to find you for
    the highest searched keywords in your niche market.What a better method
    than making use of top notch Search engine marketing services at reasonably
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  16. So do you design a website and build it in dreamweaver??
    or can you also do it on photoshop sorry btw i am a noob.

  17. I am using ASP.NET and it sucks. Totally unstable software…Not enough
    directions with it. And a waste of time. Been working with ASP for over a
    year so I am here checking out other codes.

  18. ummm.. just watched that whole thing… but, it didn’t help. I mean I have
    a hosted domain, and I copied along with what you did, with my own design
    and such. but how do I save it so that I can upload it to my cpanel, and
    how do I make the links functional and so on. this was just like how to
    draw a picture of a website

  19. In photoshop, select FILE > NEW > WEB> Your preset are 800 x 600, 1600 x
    1200 and so forth. Commons are 1600 x 1200. There’s no real set size
    because monitors are made different sizes. But, a safe size would be 1600 x

  20. this guy sounds a lot like Jesse Eisenberg >.> (The guy from zombieland/the
    social network) whenever he talks it feels like im watching the social
    network over and over again. xD great vid though!

  21. Really thought you were going to go into how to make the different elements
    interactive. Wasn’t really sure photoshop had that capability or not. You
    did go over a few really nice shortcuts that were helpful. thanks

  22. Hi, what’s the standard size of a website canvas? I’m usually having
    problems when I try to make a set-sized background. Thought you could help.
    Thanks. 🙂 Great tutorial series, by the way. Refreshed a lot of my
    web-coding knowledge.

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