Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation

In this video we learn what Responsive Web Design is, and how to write the necessary code to create our own custom responsive web layouts. Follow LearnWebCod…

In this video I give you every resource and principle you’ll need to start a successful local web design business. I break down the process into four parts, …


27 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design Tutorial and Explanation

  1. Very interesting video I learned so much watching it! However, media
    queries aren’t supported by older web browser (see: and I guess that would need some
    javascript code to get it work into older IE versions. Do someone know
    where I could find this tutorial?

  2. even though my images are all the same dimensions, I can’t get them to show
    at the same height? They have a staggared effect like steps in full
    desktop view, and they jump all over the place in the tablet size. I’m
    using five columns instead of 3. The only thing I thing that I can think
    of that I may have done wrong is the :before and :after ….. Help please

  3. You have some great videos for newbies to follow! Quick question: How do
    style a css sheet to have my website just shrink down on a mobile device
    but look the same as it does on a desktop?? I know this is contrary to
    RWD…but I’m looking at other educational websites that keep it all the
    same for all devices and they still have a large audience traffic. Is this
    easy to do?? Thanks

  4. thank you for a great, easy to follow tutorial. you mentioned that you
    would put a link to the code (html and css files) at the end of the video,
    but I didn’t find that? You willing to put those up for download?

  5. I have to pause the video to tell you that you have a very sexy voice and
    that high pitch you do is even hotter. Ok, now I can continue…

  6. welcome gift, we offer professional worth 2000 euros website contatez me /
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  7. I’m based in India, so the outsourcing option is not there. What do you
    suggest I should do to start such a business. I’m interested in getting
    clients from USA/Europe and get the work done here. What would you suggest
    should I do to accomplish that?

  8. Informative video. I work as .Net developer and thinking to start website
    design business as part time and I am wondering, the themes or css or PSDs
    at themeforest, can we use them for unlimited number of times for different
    websites or clients or single user license let us to use for only one

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