Interacting with a virtual young couple with mischief

Paul Chan Cheil

Paul Chan

Executive creative director

Cheil Hong Kong

HOT: MTV “Rule Switcher”

4 stars out of 5

To promote MTV’s new reality series, Sleeping with the Family, R/GA Buenos Aires created a clever site that lets you decide between #KidsRules or #ParentsRules. Using the simple webcam on your computer, the site is controlled by the lights in your room. Leave the lights on and a young couple in the room behaves (you are under #ParentsRules, you see). Switch the lights off and they get up to all kinds of mischief (you are now under #KidsRules, geddit?). It’s a great interactive experience and the videos are very funny. Nice work.

MTV ‘Rule Switcher’

NOT: Responsible Gambling Council “Stop the Chase”

2 stars out of 5

Red Lion Canada got to a decent insight, but fell short on the creative. Its website asks gamblers to scroll down to get to the “real” content. The user is then caught in an infinite loop of scrolling and is encouraged to keep going with annoying phrases such as “so close” and “can’t stop now!” – a feeling that’s supposedly similar to chasing your losses while gambling. It’s not until the user’s had enough and quits scrolling that a message appears urging the user to “Stop the chase before it starts”. It’s just a bit underwhelming. And I’m just not sure why a gambler would visit this site in the first place.

Responsible Gambling Council ‘Stop the Chase’


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