How to make my app pass SmartScreen filter in IE9

I have an IE plugin installed using (Windows exe) installer built with Inno Setup.

With SmartScreen filter enabled, IE9 complains that the file "is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer".

I’ve read developer suggestions in
MSDN blog
, but still need help finding the easiest approach to workaround this.

1. The plugin is still in development and about to be launched, so it has a zero download reputation.

2. The plugin installer is signed with certificate (purchased from

3. Applying for a MS Logo program seems like a huge overkill for our project

4. The download link starts with http:// and uses ASP.NET redirect handler (.ashx) to get the real file.

5. If I change the download link to https:// (uses a valid purchased certificate), SmartScreen filter still complains.

6. Windows Defender or NOD32 don’t report any issues with our plugin installer file.


Questions :

1. Will the Extended Validation (EV) certificate be of any help, comparing to (not EV) certificate we’re using now?

2. Can we somehow speak directly to Microsoft to enable our plugin download, without applying for MS Logo program? We’re a startup owning a BizSpark account, if this helps.

3. What estimated number of downloads can increase the rating of our installer high enough to suppress this warning message in IE9?




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