Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed) The past and future of search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking tips. See description for markers and links. What Used to …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – In this video I interview Alex Becker from, who shares …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 thoughts on “Getting Google Traffic (How SEO Has Changed)

  1. Great Video Lisa! Thanks so much for putting this together. I shared this
    via Google+ to show others that diversification is key these days with SEO.

  2. The more I research SEO, the more I realize I’ve been doing it wrong :/
    Thanks for the tip about social media. I do Google searches for my site and
    find that my organization’s social media accounts are ranked higher than
    the official site.

  3. This was a good overview of the overview +Lisa Irby Diversification was
    always key. The problem today is that the web is essentially controlled
    by a handful of companies. Diversification in an oligopoly is virtually
    impossible. In my space (books:, I’ve seen MANY
    excellent sites, some with great potential, wither away and die simply
    because they were undiscoverable in search. Amazon, and all the other book
    sites, they own have not replicated what was lost. I created a website to highlight Black owned indie sites, but I’m afraid we no
    longer have enough real estate on the web to make a difference. In the
    late 1990’s larger sites would link to a smaller site; In 2013, big sites
    don’t link to small site or use “no follow.” Making it virtually
    impossible for a new indie web to be found — let alone generate a living
    wage for the owner. Your presence is encouraging. Let me know if they is
    anything you do that you’ve done that would like me to share with my

  4. Sorry you provocate me I not need google trafic you see my paintings my
    name how google trafic you share with paintings name

  5. Google has really ripped the SEO world apart over the last 12 to 18 months
    – this video provides a great overview. Thanks

  6. I truly believe that Google Panda update of 2011 was a necessary step in
    social development of the internet. Of course, it will lead to opposing
    opinions, but who are those people? That was the people, who wanted easy
    money through trashing the internet. This evolution was inevitable. Lisa,
    thanks for the history of SEO overview!

  7. i had a problem… by not liking google+ i deleted it, ended up somehow
    deleted my youtube account… Got it Back… But Without my Subscribers or
    My Subscriptions… very annoying so that effects me google adsense
    earnings… :-(

  8. lol I thought your drawings were funny. but also thank you for the business
    advise ! is a new co. I’m looking for traffic and good business. I have
    a vlog. again thanks !

  9. Hi Lisa, great video (as usual !). I have one ‘technical” question: which
    software/hardware do you use to make the ‘blackboard’ effect + the
    hand-writing ?

  10. Thank you Lisa. This presentation has clarified much of the challenges I
    face, and my clients face, in creating web information that can be found by
    the people I want to do business with by bring them to my site and my
    friends sites. 

  11. I have always supported quality content rather than “writing for robots” 🙂
    It is nice to see that the shortcuts many have run to in the past are now
    beginning to pay the price by losing their traffic flows. Great video keep
    them coming along! 

  12. Fascinating. Haven’t thought about Google ranking strategy recently. This
    got me thinking and makes perfect sense. It’s about back link anchor text
    profiles (do not over emphasise key key words) and buying reasonable page
    rank urls and putting decent content and back links as per your profile on

  13. When building our own little SEO network of sites, most of us would use a
    single hosting provider, which means all of our sites would originate from
    the same IP address. Would Google or other major search engines recognize
    this as “manipulating their system” and possible penalize the whole network
    of sites?

  14. Why do so many so-called “experts” give really bad advice? I have sites
    ranking #1 on all 3 major search engines without the need to do any of this
    “backlinking” and buying links. All this bad advice will just leave your
    domain completely blacklisted by the search engines.

    Sites are getting bumped down and off of Google for poor quality content
    with overusage of keywords, known as keyword stuffing and not allowing
    keywords to be used naturally within the content and be relevant. Quality
    content trumps all this magical SEO advice.

  15. Thanks for the tips! I think this kind of technique is an effective one.
    Implementing this procedure can help your website rank up in just a matter
    of time. Thanks! 

  16. How do backlinks work for a website like an Amazon or retailer that sells a
    lot of unrelated products? eg. toilet paper and bicycles lol. Is it best to
    buy PR sites for all areas or just a few?

  17. Buy domains and link them to your site? Really? This isn’t 2006. Earn your
    backlinks…the only way to rank for the long term.

  18. The link building strategy suggested by Alex is a good strategy. To result
    well in Google, we can adapt this strategy.

  19. Like you said at one point in the presentation, yes, my mind is blown.
    Primarily because much of this is ‘greek’ to me. What can or would you
    suggest I look into to increase my standing/positioning on searches to
    promote my business locally? I am not looking to attract a worldwide

  20. Hi James… Gary here from VTA 😉 HEY! I get to say “Hi” to two of my
    favorite guru’s at the same time! Cool! Ya know… Some people are
    interested in “What’s Working NOW” for different reasons. In fact, I
    created an EMD (sniper) site in Dec 2011 and got very socially engaged with
    blog commenting (real, not fake) hoping to rank for 6 months or so. That
    site STILL has the very top spot to this day as of May 2013. “They said” it
    don’t work no more. hmmmm…. 😉

  21. Hei pat could you help me? i want to automatically send a link from my
    webpage on a social media without me having to do it anymore. do you know
    something that makes that? i could use my time in designing more products
    and all the rest. thanks in advance

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